Webber: Red Bull Will stay in F1

All over the different points of this Red Bull soap opera, which looks will go back to Renault to race with their engines in 2016, there is the mantra told over and over again they must be competitive or they will leave Formula 1. We lost the count of how many times this phrase was repeated along this season and they are not going to invest million of euro to show a decoubertinian spirit.

It is very hard to understand this arrogant behaviour where if they are not placed in a condition to win always and forever then they do not play anymore ! What a childish behaviour and statements…

About 2016 and potential future of Milton Keynes’ team, Mark Webber (former Formula 1 pilot) wanted to express some thoughts and opinions:

The sash window is ready, but I hope it will never be shut down. I think Red Bull will stay in Formula 1, perhaps the solution for 2016 will not allow them to compete for first positions but both teams (Red Bull and Toro Rosso – Editor’s note) will be allowed to carry on

He does not like to express himself instead about what engine manufacturer is going to be used next year by his former Formula 1 team. The options are virtually over and Red Bull does not want to listen ideas like ours to go and talk with Honda or accept a 2015 Ferrari’s engine in lieu of going back to Renault. Pretty insane to go back to the French supplier after having such big arguments. Webber remembers there is a time factor to keep in mind too:

It is the main problem, because this is a disadvantage for Red Bull but I try to be Mateschitz and I understand there is nothing worse than being in such position where nothing is under control

We would like to add, they worked “hard” in Red Bull to place themself in such position while pilots, engineers and mechanics are paying the bill of this bad management. It looks Mateschitz drank his brain too, together with a couple of Red Bull drinks becoming delusional and believing he is invincible.

Webber is giving some comments about the problems of Formula 1 too. His idea, it is the major category is not capable to differentiate itself from the others categories and he says: 

If you buy a ticket at 500 euro and you watch Hamilton coming out from a turn and after the GP2 driven by Evans travels the same with a same speed that is not going to excite you at all. Nobody want to spend 500 euro to watch something like that and when people like myself, being around racing from a while, he is becoming unable to understand this sport anymore then how can you pretend normal people would be able to understand what is going on ?

We completely agree with him.

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