Vietnam GP, Todt: Not only F1 to cultivate passion


From the inaugural ceremony of the work to the realization of the circuit of the GP of Vietnam, the president of the FIA underlines the need to extend the passion for motor culture

First steps in Vietnam for the realization of the structures and of the part of track that will accommodate, in 2020 the first edition of the Grand Prix of Formula 1 in this country.

In Hanoi, inaugural ceremony to kick off the countdown. The circuit, 5,500 meters traced in part on pre-existing roads, partly of new construction, is 13 km from the center of the capital. 

Of inspiration, for the project curated by Hermann Tilke, different turns and sequences taken from other historical tracks: Nurbugring, Montecarlo, Suzuka:

We designed a challenging road circuit, with Vietnamese identity and an architecture impressed

VinGroup Vice President

This is the comment of VinGroup vicepresident, the financier of Operation Formula 1 in Vietnam,for which annual costs are indicated in the order of 60 Millions of dollars on a ten-year deal with Liberty Media. 

In Hanoi was also present Jean Todt, who on the entry of Vietnam in Calendar told: 

This great event will give to Vietnam and especially its capital, an international visibility. It is something fantastic for the development of motor-sport in the country and in the region.

I hope that soon there are also facilities to host go-kart and drifting competitions.

We are young, talented and passionate about racing. That is the reason I think it is very important to quickly involve new motor-sport categories

Jean Todt FIA President

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