Unbelievable: Alonso is leaving F1

alonso leaving

A press release from McLaren talks about an important change in the future of Fernando Alonso during 2019.

Alonso is leaving, McLaren Racing confirmed today his intention to leave Formula 1, The two time F1 world champion, he will not race with them during 2019. A bomb
release after the news of our Daniel Ricciardo moving to Renault next year.

Fernando talks about this important decision:

“After 17 years in this amazing motorsport, it is time for me to change and go somwhere else. I enjoyed every single moment of my time in Formula 1 and I can not thank
enough those special people capableto makethis dream come true.

About my future?

There are several Grand Prix this season and I will do anyone of them with even more passion than ever.

I will se what I can do in my future. New challenges are behind the corner. I am living one of the best time ofmy life but I need to seek new adventures”

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It looks it is not a goodbye but a movement in another kind of car competition. One might be the Indycar where he already raced during the 500 miles of Indianapolis.
It is not clear if this is going to be done with McLaren or another team:

“I have taken this decision a couple of months ago and I did not come back. I would like to thank Chase Carey and Liberty Media for their actions to change my mind
but it was better to leave.

I would like to thank everybody in McLaren. My heart will be with them forever and ever. I know they will come come-back stronger and even more competitive in the near

Good luck Fernando and thank you

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