Todt: We want twelve teams

From Geneve, President of FIA confirmed a news about an interest of a new team to join F1. This team would be supported by some Chinese capitals.

There is a confirmation from President of FIA, Jean Todt at Geneve during the FIA Conference meeting, those rumors about an interest of a new team to join Formula 1. This time a Chinese trust would not invest in this new team, moving the base to Great Britain.

An interest is not enouhg, it is necessary to have a cover from an economical point of view. Anytime, a team wants to join this motor-sport in the long term, they have to deposit at leat 20 milion dollars before to start to play. An eleventh team will not come to life before 2019, a minimum period of time to imagine this team will be capable to give a credible result. In fact, when team Haas was called by Jean Todt to join F1, the American team asked to delay their coming-out for at least one year, so to be ready in a proper way.

“There are always some rumors, it is true we got an interest from some teams. When we will believe it is the right moment, we are going to announce a tender.

Right now, we got ten teams and our idea was to accept until twelve teams. There is a good chance to achieve this result. We just need two or three applicants.

First we need to examine any request!

Any team must go through an audit necessary to discover who are those applicants.

If they are car manufacturers, this is pretty simple. When, this is a private person it is necessary to apy more attention. When we will receive an interest and checked their economical cover, like with Haas team, then we will announce a tender.

Even so, it would be insane to think a new team can be ready in about 8 months or less. It is necessary a proper period of time”

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