The grid girls are banned: God bless those grid girls

Liberty Media announced the grid girls are banned from Formula 1, to instill a little bit of politically correct propaganda: but what annoyance did they give ?

The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was so tiny and only alone on the island of Saint Helenbecause it locked his grenadiers. The iconography of a genius and a symbol of an era, it is representative of what will become our F1, when drivers will be without the statues of grid girls.

Yes! Liberty Media, in its proper sequence of politically correctness garbage, decided to ban the grid girls. Reason ?

“We do not believe these figures are appropriate or relevant to the Formula 1, his fans (old and new), do not like them anymore”

Hypocrisy has now deployed on any event or situation all around the world.

In addition, a simple question come-up: but do they really believe to know the opinions of Formula 1 fans?

When did they start to care about their Formula 1 fans opinion? Nobody wants the power-unit and the majority is asking to come back to thermal engines but strangely Liberty Media does not listen their opinions… It was a grid girl to put gas in Schumacher’s foot or Hamilton… So what was the problem ?

In 2015, they have been banned from the World Endurance Championship. The same year, in F1 they attempted to flank muscle men on the grid line. The result ? Grotesque… Even, Vettel said it!

And many started to ask a simple question: why ?

Because when you want to get a globalist world, you need to push just the useful message to the new system. Deleting grid girls, it is not a question of eliminatin of the sacred feminine body. It is not to eliminate toy girls. What they do, it is just to remove some nice job opportunities. This is not sexism? No? Of course, no when the system says so…

What was annoying them ?  Grid girls did not conform to the message of globalism and the propaganda of political correctness… Time to ban them!

Do not you believe it ? Just hear Sean Bratches, managing director of Formula 1:

“They are clearly contrary to the rules of modern society”

What rules ? Created by who Mr. Bratches ?

Perfect… Then we can eliminate the Champagne from the podium… The noise… No, this was almost done! Next, we can avoid to give money to Liberty Media. What is next ? We can eliminate the Formula 1… Why shall we continue to watch a motorsport competition that is not compatible with the radical values of environmentalism? When you go down that road, anything can be banned…

Meanwhile, the decision to ban the grid girls in Formula draw widespread criticism. Bernie Ecclestone did not fail to tell his opinion… Why?

Because, it was the only aspect immediately accessible to the public and with no filters. This was the side of Formula 1 which could engage anyone on Sunday.

What did they do at FIA and Liberty Media ?

This is becoming a sport incomprehensible to the majority of people because the general public does not care about power-units… Or percentage points of downforce lost by cars when they try to get into the fight with another F1 car in front of them… Or how much chassis will decrease its height when a given angle of steering wheel movement is done during a turn.

Liberty Media, do you really believe fans care about it ? And will they pay in mass to know it ?

People want to focus on their pilots, grid girls and glamour. This was the method by which we cheered while waiting the time traffic light was turned off. Instead, Liberty Media goes in the opposite direction and hope to make money by F1. Good luck with the consequences…

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Cars and women, it was a classic combination. The story goes back to 60s when the first woman followed the winner on the podium of a Grand prix. Rosa Ogawa was the first Formula 1 grid girls during the Grand Prix of Japan. She started the female presence in the role of grid girls. Now, in order to work in Formula 1, you have to be the daughter of Sir Williams otherwise there is no way to get a job if you are not a graduated woman.

Someone who struggles to understand the decision of Liberty Media is Bernie Ecclestone:

“Those girls were part of the show and fans love the glamour side of this competition .

The world is becoming a joke!

It should be allowed the presence of grid girls because you like to see drivers and nice women on the pit lane.

I can not understand how a good looking girl next to a pilot and with a number in front of a Formula 1 can be considered an offence to someone.

They were all dressed nicely and doing a professional job. The presence of girls next to the pilots, it was part of the show before the race. It was useful to reduce the pressure of competition!”

Some former grid girls (Ms. Lizzie Cundy) who worked in Formula 1, gave their complaints against the false feminism. They think a job was eliminated completely with a stupid excuse.

The final solution for Liberty Media ?

Now the departure of GrandPrix will not happen at 14 p.m., but ten minutes later 14:10 p.m. The reason ? It is that many viewers would be connected when race is going to start because there were not loving to watch the show half an hour before the start. So, may be the grid girls were actually useful… But Liberty Media believes F1 fans can be bombarded with technical details and they will love it… Again, good luck with the consequences!

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Now, we know the politically correctness will destroy the world.

Be ready, in the near future cars will not be allowed to be painted black: too racist. If the car is painted blue, at least half side will have to be painted pink otherwise it will not be fair… It could trigger someone…

Meanwhile, we expect Liberty Media will get a major set back with this kind of Formula 1. When you create a product that the public does not want or if you try to force them to eat a dish they did not like ( grid girls banned, no engine noise, three hundred different kind of tyres, how can we make quickly money, etc…) the result is a crap that no one will buy…Visitors

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