The broken dream of Kubica

We are not sure that Robert Kubica will race in Formula 1 with Williams. It seems that now it will be Sirotkin the official pilot.

The dream begins to vanish. Robert Kubica will probably not return to race in Formula 1. The official announcement is not there yet, but it will be given in early January. Our hope to see one of the strongest riders and unlucky, vanishes against an obstacle called money. That money that Sergey Sirotkin, 22 years old Russian pilot, managed to raise in his country to finance a place inside Williams’ cockpit.

The tests in Abu Dhabi at the end of November, had been positive although Kubica had encountered some difficulty in the use of Hypersoft tyres. Eventually, competition from Sirotkin has become terrible and impossible to defeat. In recent weeks around the Russian pilot a consortium led by the owner of strong SMP banking group, put on the plate an avalanche of millions of dollars. Kubica was unable to put together with its sponsors a quantity similar to that of its opponent. It looks like this time he will lose the place in favor of the Russian pilot.

Right now, the Russians are chasing a strong international leadership at all levels: from politics to sports. In racing, where in addition to talent what really matters is a huge amount of money to become important, it is easier to recover credibility and image. So, after the departure of Kvyat, they moved strongly to find the capital to finance this young Russian and fast pilot named Sirotkin. At the end, it seems that Sirotkin managed to convey a substantial amount of money that has pushed Williams to think to choose him rather than Kubica. Despite the good words about Robert after tests by Paddy Low eand his race engineer, it seems that this is not enough.

Then why does Williams prefer money given by Sirotkin to talent and heart of Kubica? We could talk endlessly about it…

The first answer is that Williams prefers to have more money and invest more in technical development. The Williams, in 2017, has proven to be a very low level of technology car . Spending more money on the development of their car, it can enable them to achieve better results. May be it also important the role of Stroll, leader of the team with an important role in the property which may have saw Kubica as a personality too strongto be able to shadow.

Of course, this decision to create a young team with little experience clashes against the history of Williams. They always wanted to focus on important and experienced pilots. Since the couple Mansell/Patrese, Williams dominated the F1 season of 1992. Even in more recent times, a more experienced pilot (Hill, Webber, Wurz, Barrichello or Massa) has been added close to a young driver. No matter that it was Villeneuve, Rosberg, Maldonado or Bottas.

It is terrible that once again the money in Formula 1 will be more important than talent. It is a shame that Kubica’s dream is getting thrashed here, after it was lifted from the misfortunes of 2010 and had shown the world that with sacrifice and self-denial can beat the bad luck. Kubica had found belief in himself after dark years, he had to drive back to high levels a F1 car. To support this effort, decided to help him even Nico Rosberg.

Before the unfortunate incident in rallying, Kubica was considered a talent. The best driver of his generation like Hamilton and Vettel. Even Alonso who is not a prodigy of praises to colleagues talked in a ppositive way about Robert. After the lost of his right arm, but the selflessness with which he was prepared to return to Formula 1 showed that he would know how to do well in 2018.

Certainly, his experience would be useful in the development of the car. Is a risk use a rookie like Sirotkin, because in Formula 1 is an absolute unknown. Kubica at the wheel of the Williams in 2018 would be a good advertisement for theFormula 1, looking for good stories to thrill fans right now quite cold towards a category too flattened from a human point of view. May be in time, his return would have generated more attention, visibility and sponsor on Williams. Yet the British have preferred Russian dollars and the strategy of get everything at once.

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Instead Toto Wolff, after yet another triumph, explains the power of Mercedes-Hamilton. He thinks Red Bull Racing will become competitive during 2018 while he is not sure of the unknown McLaren.

A year ago he was forced to manage the tension with Lewis Hamilton and he was forced to make a dinner with him to clarify some subjects. After building a relationship with Hamilton stronger than ever, he is now the leader of this team.

In the Formula 1 has been called among the most influential people and diplomats. He dismisses the label of diplomatic team principal:

“I am not the diplomatic: this is a word too big!

You must learn to understand the strengths and weaknesse sof your team. You have to take them to be a team of professionisti, not a team of children.

You need to perform to the best of its ability.

Each driver has a right to be angry when he loses the Championship. Couldn’t expect he was happy when his partner had just won the title! During the year, Lewis had increased his frustration. The team instead was fine …

There are always two perspectives from which to observe things. The meeting in the winter represented the moment when everything changed. It was not a simple discussion, but since then we have become stronger together. There is no doubt that we are a perfect match: we give hik the best car, he drives better than anybody eolse. So everything works fine”

It look this is going to carry on until the year 2020. The renewal of his contratto is very likely …

Meanwhile, the rulese will no change during other three season and this is a good opportunity to hunt for a record that was created by Jean Todt in Ferrari with 11 consecutive drivers and team championship titles (from 1999 to 2004):

“I have a lot of respect for what Jean Todt has done in Ferrari: the record is an interesting thing. To get something like that takes a team effort as well as setting targets. Such success is never the conquest of one person. We have set our selves targets and we are motivated to get it

I am sure we can still be very competitive and be able to prove to be the best team in this motor-sport. I do not know if we will be capable to beat this record but I am sure we will work to get more championship in the near future”

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