Steiner: Alfa Romeo is the worst rival to face

Steiner Alfa Romeo

The seasonal goal is to achieve an improvement on the 2018, for position and performance. Alfa Romeo and Renault are the rivals capable to grew more

First steps of the VF19 that, Guenther Steiner, analyzes and traces a final report about the Alfa Romeo F1 car:

We do not have everything, at the beginning we had a bit of reliability problems, but it seems we understood what it was and we solved the problem. It was some kind of electronic problems and we had to turn off the engine to not break it. Every time you do these actions you lose at least an hour to check everything carefully.

We are a little behind the program, we could have more information but in principle could go much worse 

Guenther SteinerGuenther Steiner

From the second test session we will have a more realistic picture of the speed of the VF19 and, above all, in relation to other opponents with whom they fight for the positions immediately behind Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. Steiner is aware of how much the challenge has passed to a higher level, even more important than the absolute result will be to prove an improvement on the 2018. And, placing aside, the margin to grow is wide, between errors of the team not to repeat and performance of the pilots to be increased.

Hard to say if we will be fighting for fourth place. The most important thing for us is to improve, you have to see what others do. Renault should sit quietly in front of us, with their resources and budgets available, it shall not be difficult.

To improve means to arrive fourth, you have to set a high goal, at the end of the year. You must have improved as a team and you have to examine also what have other teams that have beaten you, with budgets double or triple. The important thing is to improve yourself 

Guenther Steiner

Steiner confirms the arrival of more economic availability than last year, a gradual increase. A kind of controlled growth:

We want to grow slowly, not double the budget and then explode. If you grow too fast, you make mistakes. We do not know if we will be able to fix later and spend so much energy to do things you have already done, it is never a good idea.

Alfa Romeo looks like the team that has made the biggest improvement, then there is Renault.It is very early and I still can not understand, I think however that are more than anything else: Alfa and Renault

Guenther Steiner

The team principal has deepened the story of the possible single supplier, from 2021, for the gear change:

There is the proposal, it has not been decided yet. Nothing of the technical regulation is clear. It is a test to see if, making a piece that is good for everyone, it costs less. It does the test, how much it costs, what is the price and compares with what we spend at the time.

There is still nothing .

Guenther Steiner
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Raikkonen: Alfa C38 much better than the 2018 car

Kimi praises the work of the technicians after the first contact with the Alfa Romeo C38 and he does not conceal the initial competitiveness.

The impression is that, in the middle of the row, in the highest positions behind the first three teams, Alfa Romeo Racing will be able to take good satisfactions. Starting from a stable presence in the top ten, from where it was left in 2018, Antonio Giovinazzi indicated the way to follow at the beginning of the championship.

The first hits of the track seem encouraging, at least from the words of a more talkative Kimi Raikkonen, in action Monday and again at the control of C38 car, last Wednesday.

We found good sensations in the car, everything worked as expected, the guys did a great job on the single seater in the winter compared to the one I had driven in the tire tests. There is still a lot of work to be done to improve but the first approach is promising.

It was a solid start, apart from the head yesterday all went as we expected 

Kimi Raikkonen Barcelona Test

It finds another dimension compared to Ferrari, Alfa Romeo reality is going to catalyze the attentions if it will be able to confirm from Melbourne onward. Meanwhile, it has already done so during the launch in Pit-lane in Barcelona, for the technical solutions very original, especially on the front wing.

Differences between Maranello and Hinwil, between Ferrari and Alfa ?

Driving you drive in the same way… It does not change, there are always four wheels but it is a different team.

There are fewer people, the atmosphere is very positive and I really like. We hope, we can fight for good positions, there is a lot to do to improve but for now everything went well.

We are all excited, it is a new beginning for me and for this team, we are all happy and the car seems quite competitive, it is a good challenge for all, we must continue so, to push

Kimi Raikkonen

Renault, Alfa, Racing Point, Haas, Toro Rosso, McLaren, the order of values between these teams will be revealed in the second Test session and will say goals that can chase Alfa Romeo. Kimi moves the evaluations forward and says:

As always we will try to do our best, then we will see where we can get, now it is impossible to know, we will see after a couple of races what results we can get

Kimi Raikkonen
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Giovinazzi: Kimi a master and a reference 

Everything looks to have been born with a good technical potential, Antonio explains the preparation phase at the beginning of the F1 world championship and the experience of Raikkonen to follow.

The project seems to be progressing well. The Alfa Romeo C38 route can cultivate important ambitions in the top ten, from what emerged in the first few days of testing.

Antonio Giovinazzi will have a steering wheel that, in the history of the brand, adds a good technical potential to show off. A whole season to work on the goals, which he started working for months, with the technicians in Hinwil, to sew on the C38 and do it by absorbing as much as possible from the experience of Kimi Raikkonen.

Start with Kimi next door, for me it can be a master, because I will to learn a lot. It has more experience than me, it is a reference and its results will be joined to mine. I think I have a very good team mate.,

Very strong, he can be a good teacher and example. The main thing will be working well together and getting the best result for the team.

We are doing a good job, we need to keep doing this, improving the car. The team did a fantastic job last year, they were struggling for the last positions at the beginning, in the end they were in the top ten.

We hope to start from the top ten and to stay there.

Now it is too early, we do not know what is our true potential of the machine even compared to opponents.

I am sure that the machine has a good potential and we must work to improve it.

Antonio Giovinazzi Barcelona Test

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