Silverstone: Hamilton is after the prey

This GP of Britain gave a long series of emotions, a bit unsweetened for Ferrari. In fact, in Britain, Ferrari was guarding oneself against damage but later everything went to rack and ruin: this time good luck loved Mercedes, even if they did not need it.

Unrestrainable Lewis Hamilton: nothing to say about his race. This victory achieved at home, connected him to Jim Clarck and it is not necessary to give any other comment but just a sincere compliment. Until three laps to go, Ferrari was guarding oneself against damage, a second place of Raikkonen before Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel, it was a nice result. Suddenly, everything changed from bad to worse: so far, it is not clear what is the reason of those problems to their tyres but they think it was a couple of debris on tracks. Something interesting is related with the fact, this event was experienced by Kimi as well as Sebastian. Left front tyre collapsed before on number 7 and after a while on number 5. Raikkonen was capable to save the last place on podium just because Max Verstappen decided to change his tyres too. Vettel was in a worse situation. Firstful he finished out of track, falling to a seventh place: it means the last place before those drivers who were lapped. Somehow, he managed to keep the first place in the final list of this championship. Now, he got just one point of advantage against the British. Even so, loosing 19 points all in one go it is a big blow. Valtteri Bottas enjoyed this luck after a nice race from a tactical point of view. His winning action was to use properly the soft tyres after start. He was very fast and he was capable to get an advantage useful to delay his pit-stop. When he used the super-soft tyres, he became even faster. Nothing to say, his second place is well deserved.

Talking about a nice recovery, a fantastic job what was done by our champion Daniel Ricciardo. He started from last row after being forced to change his gear-box. Our Australian driver was busy to avoid a collision with Kvyat and Sainz after their incident. When safety-car was called out, he recovered many positions but once they did a restart, he did a little mistake going out of track. His great driving skills helped him to come-back on track without any damage. From that point, he began again to recover one position after another until his final fifth place, at just fourteen seconds from his team-mate. It was not possible to do more. This was the best possible result, anything else could be called just a miracle.

That incident during first lap between the Toro Rosso’s drivers, it was simply an unlucky event like many others when you push hard during a race. Vice versa, that nice fight started at Hangar Straight until the starting line between Vettel and Verstappen, it has been a nice episode in this race. We were waiting something more between Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez after a race done always in trail, finishing eight and ninth. This time, it ended without any incidents (Perhaps the team explained them, it is not necessary to crash when you fight with another opponent), an important factor was the start of French pilot, even if he left Mexican pilot into troubles making him vulnerable to Bottas.

Nice race done by Nico Hulkenberg, the German got a nice sixth place even though some technical problems at the end. After this nice result, Renault shall repent of one’s fault about Jolyon Palmer: the British pilot is not on the same level of Nico or Robert but he is not lucky to get a possiblity to prove what he can do. This time he was forced to park his car during warm lap, stealing this sad record even to McLaren-Honda. Fernando Alonso dropped-out after lap 32, while Stoffel Vandoorne did a nice 11th place, out of points for a little. Nice race of Felipe Massa, he recovered few points for his Williams team after a bad qualifying on Saturday.

Talking about “The Hammer“, a perfect day. A deification moment in front of his public. Lewis landed a blow in Ferrari’s face and he is now ready to overtake them. Pole, fastest lap and victory: starting as leader from first corner until the end. A real show like a rock star, in fact Mercedes’ pilot was in one’s seventh heaven after a stage diving. He even reach the podium dancing! This success at GP of Britain, move “The Hammer” at one point from Vettel in the final list of this championship. Now Hamilton smells the prey: Sebastian Vettel! About his performance, there is not too much to criticize: he was perfect along the entire week-end. Firstful, he got another pole position in his career. After that, he started perfectly managing his race and 51 laps. He afforded himself the luxury to watch his race from a dominant position where anybody could not touch him. The Hammer gave this comment after the race:

“My plan is to win this championship (He laughed on the podium after the question of the actor Owen Wilson, author’s note). But there is still a lot of work to do.

I managed my advantage with Raikkonen using the wide screens, but I have also watched the race of Valtteri. I even noticed those problems at the tyres during the end of this race. I experienced some grains to my front tyres, too. During last laps I noticed some vibrations, so I decided to be careful because I knew someone else got some troubles and I wanted to avoid it.

After start I was leading, in fact it was a good start. I gave a try to manage those behind me, increasing the distance with them. My plan was to stop after lap 19th but we were able to go a bit longer delaying our stint. I had a nice advantage and I was supposed to manage it.

My pit-stop was perfect! I did a couple of fast laps to be sure Kimmi could not get closer and my team was perfect, too. Coming.out, I did what I could to avoid any obstruction against Valtteri who was recovering. I just gained a bit of margin to leave enough space and everything was fine”

In other words, peace signed between Lewis Hamilton and his fans. Before GP of Silverstone, he has been criticized because he snobbed (The only pilot to do it), an event in London organized by Liberty Media to drive F1 cars along the streets of the city. He preferred to use his spare time to go a couple of days to Mykonos in Greece. Once again, he wiped out any complain with a victory. He is like that, many people love him for this reason… Now, the “Son of victory” looks forward to Hungary, foretasting to enjoy this summer break as leader of this championship.

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