Schumacher: German Magazine Guilty to Spread False News

Criminal court of Hamburg found guilty the magazine “Bunte” to publish false news about the seven time F1 Champion Michael Schumacher. This magazine published in 2015, a news where they were claiming Michael started walking again. A judge decided to sentence them to pay 50 thousands euro to Michael Schumacher’s family as repay.

Just two years after the incident where Michael was severely injured, in the month of December 2015, Bunte came out with a sensationalist article with this title:

“This is more than a miracle, Schumacher can walk once again”

The family, of the former German F1 driver, was shocked and annoyed by this false statement. They decided to sue the magazine and now a first verdict of guilty arrived. Bunte was sanctioned for a clear violation of the privacy of Schumacher, together with a spread of slanders. It was clarified, they never checked if the news given by their sources it was real or not so due to this mistake a judge sentenced them to pay 50 thousands euro and legal refund of expenses sustained by Schumacher’s family.

A spokesman of the court of Hamburg gave the following comment to this situation:

“Taking into account Mr. Schumacher can not walk even today, there is no doubt he could not do it even in the day of that article. This is the reason, they were sentenced to pay 50.000 euro. I would like to say, in this case an extenuating circumstance was given because they were informed wrongly by their source. That is the reason the damages were reduced by an half, in fact Schumacher’s lawyer requested a 100.000 euro as compensation”

Finally, someone is blocking some people from spreading false hope about Schumacher, damaging his family and supporters.

Keep fighting Michael!

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