Sainz: I am fast, Red bull can count on me

Another nice performance of Carlos, 6th at Monaco. This is the way he decided to use to impress any top-team out there, beginning with Red Bull but so far there are not too many options to select.

An incredible qualifying, consistent and a nice performance during the race. Carlos Sainz, at Monaco, continued to get some positive results, 6th before Hamilton. This was the maximum performance he could achieve, in fact he got 25 of the total 29 points obtained from Toro Rosso until now. This is the third year of Sainz at Faenza, a place where a talent is prepared to compete in a top team.

Carlos is waiting to see a door opening in a tops team, perhaps next year. Right now, any option looks closed at Red Bull, a couple of months ago it was correct to dream a chance to go to Mercedes, the selection of Valtteri Bottas together with his good performance they are giving a clear signal there will not be a free position over-there to soon:

“I will carry-on to do what I am doing and later we will see what is going to happen. I have just to continue with this kind of performance to prove anybody or to Red Bull that I am a fast F1 driver, so if one day they will need me they can count on me.

Of course, I hope this is going to be very soon…

Monte-Carlo was a race that we were looking for. indeed, a perfect week-end!

During the race, I did not do any mistake and I was clearly advancing all those cars with a middle position on the grid. I even controlled the advantage over Hamilton without any problem. Monaco is one of those tracks where you want to show your value a bit more than anywhere else. I think we did it…”

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Always scoring, with an exception during a strange week-end at Bahrain where a series of technical problems together with a mistake done during the race gave a bitter result (A collision with Lance Stroll. Editor’s Note). Even so, nobody can deny Sainz got a nice talent and he is preparing to jump on a top team.

Is it going to be in Red Bull ?

Ricciardo is very brilliant and competitive while Verstappen is under contract until 2018 but it can happen a movement of Carlos into another team: someone is saying there will be soon a chance to get a position at Renault.

Meanwhile, eh enjoys his good performance at Monte-Carlo renamed by his team “MonteCarlos”:

“I just focus on my season but it is unfair to believe we can get more than a 6th or 7th place after each race. Those three top teams before us, they are 1 second faster on a track like Monte-Carlo or even 2 second faster on other tracks.

There is nothing I can do about it. So far, it is a victory when we can finish seventh, at Monaco we finished even 6th beating a Mercedes hence I think we are pretty happy”

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