Rosberg: One day F1 will merge with Formula E 

nico rosberg

According to the former world champion the agreement of the two competitions will be an inevitable development of a technological progress

Maybe we will never get to the point where the Formula E will be bigger than F1 but we will just see a potential merge between the two competitions

It is the hypothesis, very suggestive, advanced by the former world champion Formula 1 Nico Rosberg. The German rider then explained better his consideration:

When we get to the moment when F1 will need to switch to electric, which is going to happen, maybe we will see a merger

This is an inevitable passage according to Rosberg, because for F1 at some point it will be inevitable to face this change of technology, permanently abandoning the internal combustion engines:

The switch to the electric will be great and difficult. If the whole world sells and drives electric cars, it doesn’t make sense that F1 uses a combustion engine, so this moment will come. The advantage is that if F1 and FE have the same owner, it would make this process a bit more simple

It looks Rosberg is talking like if he knows something confidential, taking into account the fight for global warming, a good amount of global propaganda inside the Formula E, a merge with F1 is not something inevitable but something imposed. This is quite different from a natural merge.

It is going to be quite easy to understand that will give a severe backlash to F1, something we have already seen when they introduce the power-unit: reduction of performance, increase of cost, a show that many time is not worthy at all.

We hope that a merge between F1 and Formula E is never going to happen.

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