What is the reason nobody want Alonso in Formula 1 ?

Fernando is looking for a victory at Le Mans but he would change this for a competitive car in Formula 1. Unluckly, his credit between the teams appears to be over.

This is an important week-end for Alonso,one where he might create something historical. A potential success at Le Mans can make him really different from other pilots. Even so, we focus a moment about his downturn in the Grand Prix. Have you ever asked what is the reason nobody want Alonso in Formula 1 ?

He still at 36 years old and 300 GPsdone, one of the three or four best piots in the world. He is more supported by the F1 fans but no somuch between the team principals and his colleagues. Any races there is a journalist underlining the effort of Fernando to make competitive a McLaren that is not at all. If you look what is his position after 7 races, when we eliminate the first top 6 driving really competitive cars (Vettel, Hamilton, Bottas, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Verstappen) the first one behind them it is Alonso. Seventh with 32 points. Driving a McLaren ridicously slow when compared with a Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull but less competitive than a Renault, Force India and Haas.

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This is not important, Alonso is just there the first of the normal ones. Those 40 points obtained by McLaren along the first 7 races, 32 where obtained by him. His team mate Vandoorne,he was always ending behind him. During qualifying was even worse because Alonso got a 7 to 0 on the grid line.

There is no doubt Alonso is doing something to push forward his McLaren more than its real potential, but right now there is no future for him in Formula 1. It is sad to say something like this but it is true. He can not get a position in a top team. Nobody is thinking to call Fernando to place him in Mercedes or Ferrari or to let him land to Red Bull if Ricciardo is going to leave. Due to that, Alonso is clearly looking outside the Formula 1 a solution for his near future.

This week, Alonso is looking for a historical moment: a victory at 24 hours of Le Mans. During 2019, he will be back at Indycar to win the 500 miles of Indianapolis with McLaren, after one try in 2017. He could get an important result that is not repeating from 46 years, if he is going to win the 500 miles he would become the second pilot in history to win three important events: F1 championship, 24 hours of Le Mans and Indy 500. Something achieved to one pilot only until now: Graham Hill. He won the F1 championship in 1962 and 1968, Indy 500 in 1966 and 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1972. Many others were almost close to get this result (Clark, Andretti and Jacques Villeneuve won a F1 championship and Indy but not Le Mans, Foyt won Indy and Le Mans). Nobody after Graham Hill repeated this historical triple crown. Right now, Alonso is the only one able to repeat this.

We must say the true: if only Fernando could do it, he would change a victory at Le Mans and indy to drive a competitive F1 car to fight for a third or fourth championship. Really, he has no chance to get into the cockpit of a winning F1. The project McLaren by surprise, it is collapsing and the other teams do not want to give him a real car.

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That is the real problem: why do not want Fernando with them ? Expert, wise, aggressive on the track, still fast and capable to create effective tactics while many others can not do it…

We can understand the opposition of some drivers, they see him like a real danger for their careers. Here there is another reason! The team principals do not want him. When anybody talks with Toto Wolff about Alonso, he explains that the Spanish drivers isolated himself during the years.He is not welcome because he is bellieved to be a pilot capable to break a team. He creates too many polemics and bad mood forcing one guy against another. He wants tohave power inside the team, he likes to impose his tactics and to choose instead to leave this role to a team principal. Said in another way, he loves to exceed his responsibilityy as a pilot. A team principal loves a pilot capable to drive fast, properly but to be quiet and to donot try to command because this is not the reason he is paid.

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Toto Wolff loves to remember some events that gave this reputation to Alonso. One was during 2007 when he started a personal fight against Hamilton and McLaren lost the championship. Another one, it was in Ferrari and his idea to impose his selection of engineers with a personal agreement with the president and no opinion from the team principal. Or he liked to talk with the other pilot about the priorities during a race.

This is Fernando Alonso. So, do you see Nando in Red Bull to follow an order given by Marko to let Verstappen go ahead… Or if there is a crash to accept that he must be blamed because 50% of an incident with Verstappen, it was due to his fault like it was done with Ricciardo at Baku… Or to see Fernando to follow an order given by Wolff by radio to let his team mate to go ahead because he was not able to attack Vettel…

It would be quite difficult!

This is the main reason, Alonso is not in the list of team principals.

Even if today, he is more mature and he would not behave like this, those events can not be forgotten by team principals. This is the reason, nobody want to risk to have a pilot like that on the team. It could create an implosion.

This is the reason, it said to see a wonderful talent wasted with a low level car. Could you imagine a team with him or Vettel ? Or another time a team with Hamilton but on a McLaren? Alonso is the only one capable topush the British pilot close to his real limit. Of course, it is never going to happen because the team principal love to be in a comfortable position. They like to manage a good boy like Bottas capable to go along with everybody even if sometimes they got lost during a race.

Good luck Fernando…

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