New Weight Limits for Pilots

A meeting held in London approved a new rule setting a weight limit for pilots. It did not pass the idea of Brawn to simplify the front wing.

Unanimity was needed because the idea to create a limit to driver’s personal weight was accepted. An agreement was reached but this measure will come into effect in 2019. This is what came out from this London meeting, the new limit about pilots weight is going to be 80 kilograms. Those ones under that ballast in their cars.
In this way, you will eliminate the disparity between riders with different weights.

Other topics discussed by the Strategy Group, it was to talk about a come-back of fins near the engine area. Their extension has been significantly reduced by regulation during 2018. Already at the end of last season, there were differing opinions. Some people were proposing a complete elimination while other ones
justify their presence because it is an extra space to propose to an advertiser.

Rejected the idea proposed by Ross Brawn to simplify the front wing. There was a natural opposition by many teams. It is a consequence of troubles that will exist in the management of air-flows. A front wing is a component involved in continous development by aerodynamic departments. This area is very important
to move the air flow toward the rear area bypassing the front wheels.

Meanwhile, they are going to give a new look on television and they will offer a greater amount of data to the public. Sean Beatches, head of Formula 1 commercial group, he explained this new graphic from the next season. There will be much more data about what is happening on a track but there is still a long way to go.

During Spain Grand Prix 2017, Liberty Media launched the so called F1 experiences. Paddock activities were designed to generate a bigger involvement of supporters. Bratches explains what were the results of this idea:

“We gave a try, but we are still far from the goal we want to achieve.

There is a plan to create and involve a list of famous people interested to participate in a Grand Prix. It is  a good way to attract more attention on the Formula 1.

Then there is the digital platform to raise. Today, it is just a cost because supporters cannot download exclusive content”

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In short, their idea is to bring actors and singers to a race so to attract more people. A really stupid idea! Why? Because, it is not a Tom Cruise to enchant people during a race: what is exciting a fans, it is an overtaking done on the last corner or a race opened until the last turn. If I want to watch Tom Cruise and his terrific acting skills, I go to the cinema. if a Grand Prix is packed with actors from Hollywood, but the race is a train of cars that run in a single line, they will not find too many fans really excited.

Liberty Media thinks Formula 1 has got an American mentality and changing logos or to waste a bit of money to renew its offices in London, while preparing the telephone list of celebrities to call is going to attract people. One might ask if they have understood anything about car racing…

Some TV channels signed an exclusive broadcasting agreement for the week-end of competitions while others only about the streaming content. A connection between television and internet that according to Bratches can work:

“Our market has shown that it can accomodate simultaneously content produced on internet and television.

In 2018, we will offer a new television graphic that will present the content in a much more accessible way to our customers. We will give a virtual presentation, positioning of the cars on track, etc…

Fans will have direct access to the data of their pilots. We will publish between 30 and 50 data. A portion will be free and some must be paid. We will process those data graphically to make them interesting. For example, a fan of Ricciardo is interested in the exact breaking point of Daniel… There will be the recorded data”

A partial winning idea. Some Americans still do not understand that too many fans do not care about how many meters a pilot braked… Or if the tyre temperature is higher or lower. Any fan is interested in the emotions or opinions of their beloved pilots… The real ones, not those castrate opinions leaked by this politically correct system. People is looking for human emotions not cold data with nice colours. You want to hear the voice of your beloved pilot during the rush of a race, understand why they made that choice and to enjoy a victory like if you are on the track on inside the car with their loved pilots.

Placing VIPs, singers, politicians or plastic figures on TV screens and you will not resurrect the Formula 1 from the abyss where it is falling. It is just like that case of the NFL in the United States. Day after day, their share figures and earnings continue to decline steadily. It is becoming a show full of brainwashing messages and political issues, castrated by politically correct mantra.

Right now, it does not appear that new owners are much better than the old ones, but only interested to find the quickest way to divide up the spoils as soon as possible.

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