Monaco 1988: Fundamental for Senna

Around 30 years ago, Senna experienced an incredible week-end, capable to mature his career: Monaco 1988.

One of the fundamental moment of his career, it was the qualifying while the race changed his future. This race forced him to take the maximum competitiveness but showing his human vulnerability, too. This, once discovered, was used as a fuel to boost a definitive improvement. During qualifying, he pushed his McLaren Mp4/4 over its limit, giving a gap of 1 second and 427 to his team-mate Prost…

The Brazilian pilot discovered to drive in a kind of spiritual rapture that he will describe with a series of unforgettable words. This ones

“I drove following only my instinct, I fell into another dimension. I was inside a tunnel, not only the tunnel under the Hotel… No! In reality, the entire track became a huge tunnel.

I moved forward little by little, driving always over my limit… Even if I knew I got more margin to use when I wanted. Suddenly, my attention was hit by an alarm! Like if I woke-up, aware to have been into another dimension.

My immediate reaction was to come back slowly to my box and to do not drive anymore along the entire day.

I was scared because I was sure to have gone over my limit…”

During the race, it was another story. Ayrton was of course in control of the competition, but suddenly, when he was leading with an advantage of 1 minute on the second one (Prost editor’s note), he lost his concentration. It was lap 67 and he crashed against a wall at Portier turn. He was forced to drop-out, leaving an incredible victory to his opponent.

This was his worst mistake of his career, something Ayrton has never forgiven to himself. He will start to work so hard, to change his life while becoming a mainstay of this motor-sport and to get a redemption. He will win at Monte-Carlo from 1989 until 1993, during 5 consecutive times  creating a record of 6 victories in this GP. something very difficult to match.

Inside his mind, this was a psychological travel which is a clear picture of Ayrton Senna Da Silva: a spiritual, human and glorious pilot.

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