Mick Schumacher signs with Ferrari Driver Academy


The son of Michael Schumacher decides to dress red and follow in the footsteps of his father

The rumors of recent days have found the official news: for Mick Schumacher, they have opened the doors of Maranello. The son of seven times F1 world champion Michael Schumacher, becomes part of the Ferrari Driver Academy.

A blow for everyone, firstly for Ferrari because it was fast to anticipate the competition in bringing home one of the young talents in circulation (Mick is the cool winner of the Euro F3 2018 championship), for Schumacher himself for what he meant the red for the S Family and for the many fans of the redhead who have never ceased to love the Kaiser of Kerpen:

I am delighted to have an agreement with the Scuderia Ferrari and the fact that my future in motor-sport will be in red having joined the Ferrari Driver Academy and the big Ferrari family.

This is a step in the right direction, because I can only benefit from the immense baggage of experience that is in there. I will do anything to learn what I will need to accomplish my dream: Run in Formula 1. It is obvious that Ferrari has a special place in my heart since I was born and in that they are our family, I am happy to have had this opportunity.

I also have to thank my family, friends and partners who helped me get to this point,

Schumi Jr, 19 years old, will run for the Formula 2 in the season 2019. And at a distance of 24 years he moves in the direction taken by his father. The path, however, is long and now it is up to Mick to show that he knows how to withstand the pressure that an important surname, accumulated in a color like the red used by this team, can unleash.

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