Mexican GP17 – All fixed after three turns

Fundamental the event after start among Vettel, Verstappen and Hamilton.

Mexican GP was fixed after three turns, Sebastian Vettel did a good start but Max Verstappen overtook the German at the first turn. The Dutch pilot followed in Sebastian’s wake and running on the long straight line, attacked the German in an efficient way. When ahead the Dutch got in contact with the Ferrari’s pilot and Vettel damaged his front wing.

At the same time, Hamilton was controlling the situation from behind and he did turn 2 better than the other two drivers. In the middle of turn 3, he was on the side of Verstappen but he is forced to let him go. Just behind, there was also Vettel that hit his right rear tyre with his wing. Conclusion: a puncture in his tyre and a wing fully destroyed for Vettel. Both of them must go to the box after just one lap to perform a pit-stop.

Verstappen was extremely aggressive after start, even if there was nothing such as dirty-play. In fact, the pilots not fighting for a championship, they have the right to fight for a position. This is something Alonso did against Hamilton, when the British pilot was recovering: a nice battle, done in a fair way. It is true, Lewis never likes to loose a battle and this is not a negative thing. He proved such a thing when he did not give-up at turn 4 trying to get a 9th place even if lapped by Verstappen, but any other pilot is not different.

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Vettel was not very lucky in Mexico, a couple of inches and he was out of trouble but at the first three turns he lost the championship. His recovery was incredible but now even his second place in the championship is under attack: Bottas is now at only 15 points from the German driver.

Kimi Raikkonen did a fair race, he used properly the virtual safety car when Brendon Hartley stopped with his engine on fire to go ahead and become third. He finished on the podium and he got a nice result for his team.

Behind, there was a couple of nice battles with a nice performance of Alfieri on a Force India against Esteban Ocon ( 5th place) and Sergio Perez (7th place). Now Force India is fourth in the team championship.

Lance Stroll did a good result, proving he is in Formula 1 not only because he is rich. At the end of this race, he was close to get Ocon but there was not anymore time. His team mate, Felipe Massa, did a competitive race after a puncture finishing behind Magnusen, Hamilton and Alonso. The Danish pilot did a positive race with a nice 8th position, taking into account the kind of car he is driving:a Haas F1 car.

Nico Hulkenberg was supposed to get a good result but his Renault engine blew-up and it left him on the side of the road. A serious reliability problem because only Verstappen and Gasly finished the race with a Renault engine running. The first one to have a problem, it was our Daniel Ricciardo (Turbo problem) who recovered many positions just after start. After few laps, it was the time of Hulkenberg to drop-out (ERS problems) followed by Hartley (Engine on fire) and Sainz (Called back to his box because the engine was over-heating).

At the end, the most happy one it was Lewis Hamilton: world champion for the fourth time. Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, was the first one to congratulate with his pilot. Vettel struggled until the last turn but there was not nothing to do about it: the British pilot is the right winner. Both pilots got four F1 world championship and they are among the legends of this motor-sport.

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It was not a perfect race but Hamilton did anything possible to end the game. He started properly from a third position but the battle between Red Bull and Ferrari involved him, too. It is true, sometimes even if you do not look for troubles they come to get you. After the chequed flag, Hamilton released the pressure running among his Mexican’s fans with a Union Jack flag on his hands. David Coulthard had to work hard to interview the British pilot:

“Mercedes has been terrific. In the last five years, they did a great job: I am very proud of them.

This is not the kind of race I like to do but I did not give-up and I pushed until the end.

I am very happy an I want to dedicate this victory to my family and God.

It is all incredible, a dream but it is a great day and I am very happy. I still remember when I was competing on a kart and dreaming to be in F1 on TV. My dream was to be here and now I did it.

I believe this has been the most difficult season I have done. It was very complicate to get the best from my team, fighting without doing any mistake against a four time champion like Vettel”

Another bad day for our Ricciardo, another race ended too early due to technical problems. It is funny to see that Red Bull has now switched the car facing problems, before it was Verstappen and now it is our Australian driver. It is clear, Red Bull can not have engines, power-units and turbos at the same level of performance on their cars. If one is competitive, the other one must be running on a difficult situation. It looks this is not going to be fixed soon because there is no chance Renault will improve its components until next years. What is surprising is the amount of money the French maunufacturer is investing in the development of power-units but the results are not very effective.

Ricciardo is moving forwars and looking to get a better result in Brazil and in the last race at Abu Dhabi but there is a doubt Renault will give some nice components to make something important.

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