Marko: Honda 2019 has Ferrari and Mercedes in the viewfinder


After the authoritative victory in Mexico, Red Bull projects at 2019 and Helmut Marko also dare to explain the gap that will separate the Honda power unit from the best: 14 horses. Abu Dhabi next stage to try to win another race for Red Bull Racing team.

If it was a high-mountain competition, Red Bull would have fought with Ferrari and Mercedes, perhaps it would have won with low hands, given the competitiveness expressed in Mexico City. Where the Renault power unit has found the leveling down of Mercedes and Ferrari, allowing Red Bull to express itself to the best on the subjects in which it stands out: mechanical grip and aerodynamic load.

The world Championship, however, is run on 21 competitions and the exploits of Monaco, Mexico City, specific tracks more than ever, it was not enough to raise the stamp of the season. They should have been candidates for the title but they missed the goal. Faults always discharged on Renault but may be the reality is quite different from Red Bull allegations.

The partnership with Honda today announces a tremendous potential. The creation of high expectations will be supported in 2019. It is sounds similar with what we listen in the last couple of years. Max Verstappen not by chance, it is pronounced with more cautious tones, of a season that will be of growth to point in 2020 to the title, even if after the Grand Prix of Mexico it is allowed to go also the Dutchman, anticipating how the simulations at the counter indicate a great improvement of the 2019 power unit.

More precise still is Helmut Marko. The latest evolution Honda 2018 is credited with a power equivalent to Renault, improved and brought in the race to Suzuka for the first time and from which he continued to work, collecting penalties that do not count, in a long session of additional tests in which became the season after the announcement of the supply to Red Bull.

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We expect Honda to be only 10 kilowatt (14 horsepower) behind Ferrari and Mercedes. We bet we can compensate for the gap with the good frame we have.

We are absolutely hopeful ahead of next year. We already have the values of aerodynamic configuration with the new wings and make us very optimistic

This is what Marko said. A gap that would mean reaching the 1,000 horses or almost, threshold conquered by the motorists of reference in the mode of use in qualification. Today Honda is credited with about 950 horses.

New streamlined front wing, designed to produce a reduction in aerodynamic load, a buffer measure introduced by the FIA to stem the difficulties, otherwise more and more until 2021 of the new aerodynamic configuration, in following another single-seater a short distance away.

The competitiveness seen in Mexico City will hardly be repeatable at Interlagos and Marko explains:

In Brazil it will be difficult to repeat ourselves because of the long straight uphill, we will see what happens in Abu Dhabi. At the moment we have a very fast car and we have done very well in the last races.

You never want to believe it when I tell you, but the result of Mexico comes when we all have similar engine performance

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