Kvyat is waiting Marko to decide his future

There is a big difference between Kvyat and Sainz, in fact the Spanish pilot pointed out his intention to change or to go somewhere else. Kvyat is different and he wants to stay in Toro Rosso while using an option to Red Bull in the future.

It looks to a potential question, would you like a place in Toro Rosso during 2018, he wants to answer: yes, thank you! Daniil Kvyat is waiting a proposal to extend his contract from Red Bull Racing. In reality, it would be more like to execute an option over the Russian pilot, like it was done with Carlos Sainz that showed some intollerance about this forced parking at Faenza, finally exploded in an argument at Zeltweg a couple of weeks ago.

Kvyat does not want to change, even if he is back from two races terminated after one lap due to an incident. Even more, a comparison with Carlos Sainz is not very positive because he has got a delay of 25 points but with one drop-out less than the Spanish pilot. It is going to be very interesting to understand what Red Bull Racing would like to do, taking into account Pierre Gasly did not like, when at Austin in 2016, Toro Rosso announced Kvyat was going to be their pilot for the next couple of years. Meanwhile, Daniil is waiting an answer and comment his situation in this way:

“I believe there is a mutual trust between me and them. This trust is coming back to a normal level, hence I do not see any reason to do not carry on to cooperate together. I just need an answer, if those are their plans I would need just a reply as soon as possible. I am not a guy giving a deadline. All this situation is under their control so what is the reason to force their hand? At the same time, they know that before they plan the future better it is, because you can focus on your job.

They know everything about me and we talked quite a lot long time ago. Anybody is happy about me and I am too. I do not see any reason we should not cooperate. Red Bull Racing took care of myself in the last seven or eight years. Whatever will be the decision of Marko, I will accept it. I do not see any reason to do not stay with Red Bull Racing, I just need to stay calm. I want to give my best to Toro Rosso because I think they deserve the best from me. I am a component of an important project and I can improve this car. I would like to see what is going to happen in the future together with them”

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Someone who looks in a very good shape and without any problem, it is the Force India Team. In the middle of this season, this F1 team is in a surprising fourth position in the championship and its safety margin on other teams is pretty big. In fact, during last two races they were close to end behind the top teams. Grosejan in Austria, Hulkenberg at Silverstone, they came before Force India on the finishing line. Right now, their balance is pretty positive, 95 points and a fourth position in the team championship. Vijay Mallya became visible at Silverstone last week-end. This is the only meeting where he can stay in his box, due to some problems with Indian law and a confiscation of his passport that limit his possibility to travel.

In the background, there is a possible change of the name of this team: they are thinking to use Force One or another option they are evaluating. A difference of 54 points over Williams considered as the only threat to be capable to achieve a fourth place and a delay of 79 points against Red Bull Racing: last part of this season should be quite simple for Force india. Team principal explains the reason Force India is capable to be so competitive behind top teams in the last two years:

“We use only the money we can afford and we do not over spend one’s income. This is the reason we are using our money in a careful way.

An intelligent choice, it was to select Esteban Ocon instead of Pascal Wehrlein. He was capable to be on the same page of an expert pilot like Sergio Perez. We could choose between money or a talent person: we decided to have a talent person.


I think he will stay here but if Ferrari is going to call him, he can do what is right for him. So far, I do not think he can find a better team than this one.

Our worst week-end?

We faced some bad moments around Canada and Azerbaijan. It was a wasted opportunity to be on the podium. The incident at Baku, it was something pretty annoying because we lost some important points. It was not intentional but just a misunderstanding. We told to our pilots they are free to compete but they must be careful to do not repeat something like that.

Our competitors, in the three top team, got so many dollars that they are very difficult to defeat. They can go in any direction to develop a competitive car and sometimes they can find the right direction. In our situation, we have to be careful and keep in mind what is our main challenge. Right now, it is to defeat Williams because they got the same engine. Our advantage is pretty big but we can not believe to be safe. If we do a mistake during next two races, Williams will get closer once again”

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Another news is Jean Todt who decided to present as candidate again for FIA presidency. The French wants to get a third mandate and a new election will be done in December. Jean Todt thinks to be ready to lead FIA during other five years. He told in his twitter account:

“I am happy about the support received by FIA members, so I decided to candidate again as President.

In the next couple of months, me and my team will prepare our program”

Jean Todt’s team is made up of Graham Stoker (Confirmed as Vicepresident of sport division), Brian Gibbons instead of Nick Crawn (Out due to age limitation as President of FIA Senate House) and Thierry Willemark appointed as FIA Vicepresident. Jean Todt got his first mandate in 2009 when he replaced Max Mosley destroyed by a sexual scandal. He was confirmed with a unanimous vote in 2013. Todt is preparing himself to this new election, to be done in Paris with Presidents of national automotive clubs from around the world.

Who is Jean Todt?

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If you do not know him, Todt was born in France on 25th of February of 1946. Todt was copilot of many important rally pilots between 1960 and 1980. When he ended his career, he became chairman of Pegeout Sport Division. In 1993 he moved to Ferrari, he won five F1 Championship with Michael Schumacher as driver. Todt moved from Ferrari in 2009, where this time he was working as managing director. Here, it is where he started his career as FIA President.

It looks, his career is going to become pretty long and successful…

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