It was better the formula 1 of few years ago

The winters of the seasons in the golden years were a swar of news and rumors. Now there’s a dreariness that sucks (pictured, the Lotus 80 at Brands Hatch in March 1979, under the snow).

I would like to afford a public outburst of nostalgia, as long, I promise you, that is not an end in itself.

Okay, this time I would like to talk about the market drivers of Formula 1 and sincerely regret, but not emotionally as it was at the end of 1970.

For a very simple reason: because nothing is more flat, boring and obvious Formula 1 drivers market today.

Now the top drivers actually on the market there are no at all. Choose and are chosen by a great winning team, once there they sign virtually for life.

Blocked forever. Under the banner of the words: more money, more years, less risk and greater stability possible. Simply put, a stable place while the planet is ravaged by the advent unnerving flexibility.

Now Hamilton will continue to be linked to Mercedes and not for long, as Vettel for Ferrari and Verstappen with Red Bull Racing, where Daniel Ricciardo runs for them along four years after two spent at Toro Rosso team. The same Raikkonen, though coming off one of his seasons less exciting, is ready to play in the fifth consecutive year with the Ferrari inside his second and much less glorious sent to Maranello.

Less confidence is Bottas at Mercedes, renewed for one year only, but also in this case the renewal was obtained without excluding upcoming reconfirmations. Indeed, in the absence of better maybe Finnish keep
who knows for how long. So, in a nutshell, now for months and months layover after engines turned off does not happen anything.

If Williams there was going on somewhere right now in terms of media appeal would be below zero. Thank goodness at least theoretically was vying Kubica to take darshan of the interest, if not that, either. Although the riskis staying months eagerly waiting to feel desired and ultimately announce Sirotkin.

Even in this case, make no mistake, zero and filterable items no indiscretions, because now teams are part of corporations perfectly or almost repulsive to any leak or leaks. Because now the press offices of teams exist for cover until the moment when they have something to say, only to then withdraw like slugs.

In a nutshell we need less silence, harness and throw off that not starting. I mean, for goodness sake, everything is explainable, understandable, logical and entirely consistent with the system, though how boring …

Paradoxically even now money makes a difference, because those corporations have them all. So, if you want to take Hamilton to Mercedes, not with dollars that you will.

If you think about smaller teams, money they bring it creates so many trouble to touch their pilots. Yes, slower riders are even more stable.

See the cute Marcu Ericsson that to be clear he is pretty much done by buying the Sauber and keeps out the door Giovinazzi.

In a nutshell, this jarring difference trash icy counter point and cloying and make those wonderful late 70 ‘s winters a golden age. When it was Christmas in Fiorano, Ferrari was doing some test with snow on the side of their track, awaiting the imminent Argertina GP and we could not excluded any twist.

No coincidence that Nelson Piquet caused a sensation because at Hockeinheim could sub due the surprise coming out with a qualify driving a not too great Ensigna of 1978, old as a dynosaur, ensuring the involvement
of several top sponsor, and this helped him to move into the cockpit of the third Brabham .

Those were gold years for the market. In every round there was some sprucing up, summer exploded the sheer number of negotiations, every newspaper was splashing in that sort of chaos dedicating pages and pages to get up of the slightest breath of wind.

In fact they happen of all kinds of things, because teams were penetrable by medias worse than colanders and in the dead of winter was all swarming with rumours about the cars still unoccupied, or available at the last moment.

It was crazy, but stimulating for imagination and creativity … One thing every body could fell in love … What a great time!

Now, unfortunately the absolute flexibility we asked by globalism … It was given and now as workers we feel ripped off and the only ones who don’t have any flexibility, it is precisely the Formula 1 pilots: those they could afford it!

It was better the contrary…

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