Hamilton: GP in Vietnam? I prefer places where there is more history


Hamilton talks about the opening to new markets after the announcement of Hanoi: if I could, I would run where there is a great tradition of racing, such as Italy, Germany, England, not in other countries. For example in India I felt conflicted about poverty and in Turkey everything was perfect, but without public.

Lewis Hamilton remains cold in front of the prospect of organizing F1 GP in new countries after the recent announcement to be held in Vietnam from 2020 a race: the champion of Mercedes would prefer in fact more stages, but in places with a tradition of racing, Rather the expansion towards new markets is not really nice in his opinion:

As far as racing, I do not know how important it is to go to new countries as Vietnam. If I had the Silverstone GP and one in London, it would be really nice. We have a lot of history of racing in England, Germany, Italy and now also in the United States, but in these places you have only one event per year: if it depended on me, I would try to do more events in those countries

In the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, a GP of F1 will be held from 2020, after the Circus has made a stop, in a more or less recent past, in China, India, South Korea, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, with conflicting results:

I’ve been to Vietnam and it’s beautiful, I was in India and it was strange because it is a very poor place and we did this GP in the middle of nowhere: I felt very conflicted.

We also had a GP in Turkey and hardly anyone arrived: fantastic track, but poor public. If you have the GP of Germany and you have one in Berlin, I think the connection with the cities where there are many people is probably a good thing, but it is not necessary to go to countries where they do not know so much about F1

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A really happy component of the Mercedes team is Toto Wolff. Among the many congratulations calls he has received, the phone call that perhaps has excited more Toto Wolff is that of Jean Todt. Who has not called him only as president of the Fia but also of Holder, as manager of Ferrari, a record that since yesterday shares precisely with the Austrian manager:

I answered the phone almost by accident because in the pits we were partying and the music was at a very high volume. Welcome to the club of the 5 , he told me, leaving me speechless. Only six years ago I would have thought that something like this could happen to me, that we could match the Ferrari of the records, that of Jean, Ross and Michael Schumacher

A goal reached among other things in the race that the great boss of Mercedes does not exist to define “horrible”, explaining also the reasons this race was horrible :

At a certain point, technicians have alerted me that one of the ten channels that regularly follow the car of Hamilton, had shipped A fatal message “within a round will burst the engine.”

“What? Are you sure? ” That was my reaction.

The temperatures were skyrocketing, there seemed to be little hope and instead limiting everything that was possible, Lewis managed to get to the finish line. This was perhaps the most beautiful world championship because more challenging, we bent a strong Ferrari and eventually even a Red Bull that was added to the club.

About the future? After manby world titles in 5 years, but Wolff argues that there will be no bending:

We know that next year we start again from scratch that there is nothing guaranteed and consequently there is also the possibility of being beaten. This is a fantastic team that knows how to find the motivations in everyday work. Hamilton? On Saturday he got a trophy from the museum of Fangio, it is at 5 championship and he knows to be second in this ranking. But before we get to seven (the titles of Michael Schumacher). He knows that he has to go to six. And that will be very hard


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