GP of Russia: Hamilton, Hamilton and Hamilton

Once Rosberg dropped out of race due to a strange problem (better said weird) to the gas pedal, Hamilton did not have any trouble to dominate another race: this time in Russia. On the other side, Vettel was capable to manage pretty well all the situations, using properly all his pit-stops while fighting with his team-mate Raikkonen when necessary. All this gave him a nice second place at the end.

The Finnish was one of the main actors, after Hamilton, in a good and bad way. He started well and became third but he lost his position when Bottas attacked him using a Williams which was faster in some areas of Sochi’s circuit. A strategy non perfect used during his pit-stops did not allow him to recover this position and once he overtook Perez, he just got into Bottas like a poor devil pushing the William’s pilot out of track. Bottas ended with his Williams out of turn 4 and the car damaged while Raikkonen lost his third position recovered by Perez, very smart to manage his tyres and to achieve an important podium.

Once finished, the investigation gave 30 seconds of penalty to Raikkonen who lost even the final 5th place he got on the finish line. Massa was more than happy to get this place after a normal race which let him recover 11 positions.

On this GP, we saw many incidents. One after start with Ericsson crashing into Hulkenberg, then Grosejean who lost aerodynamic load when behind Button at turn 3 and finally Sainz who faced some problems to his brakes when he was seventh. When Rosberg finished his race due to a technical issue (loosing consequently the second place in the final championship list) and our Daniel Ricciardo stopped due to a technical problem when he was in a well deserved fourth place (Red Bull, this year you are wasting a great talent…), there were just seven pilots to cross the finish line.

Hence, people like Kvyat, Nasr and Maldonado (fifth, sixth and seventh) obtained a nice result helping their moral and points in the championship. Even Button and Alonso were able to get some points with a Mclaren that is indeed inferior to many other teams. Alonso might have obtained something more if he was not going costantly over the turn 16th forcing the race director to penalize him with a 5 seconds. So this 10th position was given to Verstappen and his Toro Rosso.

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