GP of Monza: Hamilton Was Undisturbed

What Raikkonen performed was not the kind of start Ferrari’s supporters were expecting to watch from a pilot close to the poleman. Instead the Finnish remained blocked being involved in a dangerous situation since anybody else was forced to avoid him or crash. Meanwhile Hamilton was already doing the chicane undisturbed and leading the race: a first place he will not leave until the end.

Behind Hamilton, just Vettel was capable to maintain an important second place and cross the finish line without any problem this time. Different what happened behind him, because a big fight started to get an important third place. This was looking to be intended to Rosberg but suddenly his engine blew up just when he was close to Roggia turn. Massa took advantage of this occasion and became third but he was forced to defend it until the end from a very fast Bottas on the other Williams: just 3 decimal was the final distance between them.

Raikkonen was finally able to recover from last position to 5th place, overcoming even Perez and his Force India who finished 6th, followed by Hulkenberg. This one defended himself from Ericsson and his attacks but he lost his position during last lap in favour of our Ricciardo who made a great recovery from 19th position to a final 8th place. Viceversa Kvyat finished behind his team mate after a long battle among them lasted 53 laps.

During the race just four cars dropped out: two Lotus, Alonso and Rosberg. What made this race thrilling was the final investigation started by race director because Hamilton was driving a car with a pressure in his tyres below standard. This is what makes sometimes Formula 1and FIA ridiculous. Those pressures were checked before the start therefore there was plenty of time to ask Mercedes to correct this mistake which looks like it is not a mistake at all. It is quite obvious this is an intentional way to do things and to race. Mercedes is not following any pressure value suggested by Pirelli. This is the problem: FIA is not giving Pirelli a possibility to make those values mandatory ! They are suggestions ! This means the after race investigations was an unuseful farce because FIA shall know they can not force a team to use a specific pressure valve in their tyres: at the end they are just suggestions !

A new scenario will come-out of this case because anytime a tyre will blow-up, Pirelli will have a doubt in his mind, an incorrect use of suggested pressure might be the cause of that problem. This will not increase the safety at all and perhaps all the other teams will start to follow this example given by Mercedes-Benz today and to use different pressures instead of those necessary.

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