Formula 1: Organizers of the GPs criticize Liberty Media


Transmission on free channels of the races, sharing of the choices on the future of the category with the FOPA, protection of the “historical” races before the expansion to new GPs. Those are the points on which the association document of the Promoters of the F1 critics Liberty Media

Looking for stationary points, agreements carved in stone, that Formula 1 still can not say to have reached on its future. Sports and technical plan, in view of 2021, relations with the promoters of the Grand Prix in the calendar, at least with the promoters represented by FOPA, 16 organizers from London, on the eve of a meeting with Liberty Media to discuss the future of Formula 1. They spread a very critical note addressed to the management of Carey & Co.

Television rights, involvement in decision making, protection of historical competitions, are the three central points in the dispute that FOPA moves, which in the document released Monday after the Association meeting in London underlines:

It is not in the long-term interest of sport that supporters lose free access to television broadcasting and content.

It lacks clarity in the new initiatives in Formula 1 and there is an absence of involvement of promoters in the implementation of the same initiatives.

New competitions should not be introduced at the expense of existing events, although the association is encouraged by alternative business models offered at possible venues

Document of criticism that was not shared by the promoter of the Grand Prix of Russia, to accuse, indeed, the FOPA of sterile controversy and on themes destined to be discussed and resolved in the meeting between organizers and Formula 1.

In the coming months, the contract renewals of the Grand Prix of Spain, the GP of Italy and Mexico will be signed, while different scenarios are envisaged for Silverstone and Hockenheim. The latter signed an annual contract last year, against all odds, which gave the 2018 edition as the final recitation of F1 in Germany; Silverstone, on the other hand, has activated the exit clause for the unsustainable of the economic conditions negotiated with Bernie Ecclestone, an agreement for 17 years with progressive increase of the rights payable to Formula 1.

Stuart Pringle, president of FOPA, and Silverstone’s executive director, pointed out this:

Liberty Media’s ideas are fragmentary, all are unhappy. We have remained condescending and calm until now, but we have great concerns about the future state of health of this motor-sport under the current management. Miami seems to get a free deal (we discuss a possible quota according to the proceeds generated by the event) and this has not gone down to anyone, not the last guys in Austin, Texas, who work so much to pay for their race. If this continues, Formula 1 will run on second-order circuits, if not none of them…

A ferment that is inserted next to other central themes for the future of Formula 1, on which a definitive agreement is matured: from the limit of progressive expenditure to the new form that will have the Pact of Concord expiring in 2020, ergo, a breakdown of the proceeds “Different and fairer” between the teams, from the definitive regulations on the engines to the choices linked to the aerodynamics of the single-seater in 2021, up to the decision-making paths that exceed the current Strategy Group.

Twenty-four months that will have to lead to a complete rearrangement of the category.

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