Formula 1: Carey forced to come to a compromise

Next future of Formula 1 will be new engines, a budget cap and different profit sharing.

Chase Carey is busy in a complex mediation and Ross Brawn is busy to defend a horrible new logotype. After one year, under the control of Liberty Media, we got something good and something bad. A huge difference was experienced if compared with Ecclestone’s era. Even so, there is still to make this Formula 1 more digital, more involvement of supporters and more Formula 1 on the streets of a big city. It looks Liberty Media has a lot of work to do because teams are complaining there was not any improvement but less money is coming to their pockets.

Chase Carey asks more time to fix any problem left but in the third quarters, less supporters went to a circuit,more money is necessary to promote the business while there is not enough investment in new facilities:

“I think this year we did some improvements. It is too early, we are not satisfied yet. We look at the positive results we got until now.

Our initiatives we are making on, they are focused about new engines, budget cap and cost reduction. Going deeper, there is always a difference and different opinions: ce’ la vie!

What we are going to do, it is to look for a compromise.

A compromise is a key part because many teams are not happy about the way the money will be given to them. Other teams would like to see a budget cap pushed little by little without brisk manners. Big problems and it is not really easy to find a quick solution while many teams are scared from this drop in their incomes”

Carey talks about a compromise but the discussion about the new power-unit ready to come after 2021, it will force all teams to increase the money invested during a season. Any agreement must be obtained between different subjects, giving-up on those areas creating more resistance to find an agreement on those areas with less resistance:

“Nobody is going to get what he wants, but everybody is feeling better than before.

I think our target will be to find a compromise. I really believe we can do it!

There is a long list of problems to fix, it is going to be a chess game. We must find the right balance to satisfy our supporters and this motor-sport”

There was a change any supporters did not want to see: Formula 1 logotype. The old one, designed by Carter Wong Design, was removed. Liberty Media decided to change it, creating a new symbol to prove there is a break with the past. Ross Brawn does not like the reaction of pilots, supporters and teams. He is not backing down and he defends this decision:

“Old logo was not unforgettable or an icon for anybody. This new logo is more flexible, easy to use when doing merchandising or inside digital world. It is capable to impact anyone out there.

It was important to show our Formula 1 supporters, we are inside a new era.

Our motor-sport is different and we want to look at a new bright future. It is necessary to change if we want to attract new supporters like teenagers.

I believe this new logo, it is a clear message: we want to give something important to our supporters.

Today, visual marketing is more and more important. It was necessary to move into this direction”

It is too early to understand if they are following the correct direction. It is pretty clear, Liberty Media is focused to make F1 a business capable to create huge amount of money: for themselves. Any American does not like to make charity, so anything can be sacrified and they will follow a compromised only when capable to create more incomes. Anyone is a number: pilots, teams and of course supporters.

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todt is the new fia president for the third time

On the other side, Todt will become once again FIA President for third time. He is the only candidate to go for ballot. This December, he will be elected for a third mandate, his position is not in danger. Jean Todt will win this battle because there is not any opponent capable to battle him. Last opportunity to candidate, it was 17th of November but nobody wanted to give a try. Todt proposed himself from May, publishing the eleven members of his team when he will be elected as president.

During the meeting done this 8th of December, he will be nominated FIAPresident and he will stay until 2021. After he will be forced to leave because there is a limit of three mandates. Internal rules, fixed to three times the possibility to be elected as president.

Jean Todt commented his potential election with this interview:

“Many people asked me to stay and to be president another time.

I am really happy to help them. We will try to improve motor-sport and to make Formula 1 more and more interesting.

There are many things to fix but I am sure we can do something useful.

Liberty Media si doing a good job, we need to give more time to check what they really want to achieve. I think they have a good potential to give those changes asked from a long time. We will try to help them to get what is necessary to improve F1 and any other motor-sport”

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When asked about Michael Schumacher and what are the latest news about his health, Todt told there are not many changes but Michael is fighting costantly and he hopes to see a positive outcomes in the future. He remembered the time they were in Ferrari and his humility even when he was three times world champion:

“One day we were starting the test for a new season and he came to us to ask if it was possible to drive the car to check if he was still capable to drive fast.

He was three times world champion but he was never arrogant or aggressive. This is an indication about his humility and what kind of professional driver he was”

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