Formula 1: Another GP in the States

Pending negotiations for another race in U.S.A. and China, they are going on. The boss of F1, Chase Carey, would like to get agreements capable to do not leave alone the promoters after the signature of a contract.

An answer to the criticism of Bernie Ecclestone, came from Chase Carey: a second race in U.S.A. will be done. That was always a point where Ecclestone wanted to underline the difference between a programmatic plan and a real one once in charge.

There is a potential to grow-up, but it must be used properly from the point of view of Liberty Media:

“U.S.A. will not be our main business but we will invest over there in the next two or three years. This is an opportunity in the next 5 or more years, like China.

We must go there with the right force to stay there for a long period of time. It will be necessary to help the local partners to build-up this motor-sport. In the past, we had a mindset to sign a contract and leave everything on the shoulder of organizers.

I think, we must take care of this motor-sport, of it is improvement and work harder”

Under Ecclestone’s kingdom, many people talked about a race at New York but this project was never done. Carey believes a step-by-step must be done. Until now, the presence of F1 was confined at Circuit of the Americas. Now, Liberty Media would like to increase its presence in the U.S.A.:

“A second race in the U.S.A. is something under a careful planning. We are working more than six months ago, but there is still to do much more.

Those are big events, very complex and when you have to create something in a big city there are big problems to solve. We will not sign an agreement tomorrow, we are in an advance movement and we are moving forward.

If we get together places like Miami, New York or Las Vegas, there are different things capable to make them special. They attract the global imagination, we must understand what we can do to build an event like that”

Even so, Bernie Ecclestone continues to say Liberty Media did not do nothing different from his era. At least, from the digital point of view F1 is not changed but Chasey does not agree about it:

“We started to do much more on the digital point of view: we can say this is a beginning. We noticed there is an improvement, people love to get involved in the Formula 1 world.

This is a signal there is something where to invest. If we create another event at New York, Miami or Las Vegas, we are sure we will involve more people. We did not develop completely our potential to connect our fans to the Formula 1”

Meanwhile, business management of Race of Champions declared in 2018 this event will be done in Saudi Arabia. In 2019, this festival will be done once again at Miami, in the last event Pascal Wehrlein was involved in a terrible crash. He was severely injured and he could not be present in the Formula 1 championship during the races of Australia and China.

In 2018, the edition of this festival will be done in Saudi Arabia and there will be a program of two days: one for Race of Champions and one for the Nations Cup. The festival will be done at King Fahd stadium, inside they will build a track. This is going to be one of the biggest stadium where this event has ever been done: 75 thousand places. No indication about the pilots that will come to this festival at Riyadh…

This middle east country has changed a law and now women can drive a car. The President of Race of Champion, Frederick Johnsson, commented in this way:

“After this news, we feel it is the right moment to bring the festival in Saudi Arabia. The Race of Champion is more than a simple race. It is a global contest capable to call one of the best pilots from around the world”

Last edition was raced at Miami, Juan Pablo Montoya was the winner versus Tom Kristensen. The Nations Cup was won by Germany, with Vettel-Wehrlein as drivers who defeated Kyle Busch-Kurt Busch driving for U.S.A. team.

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