Formula 1 | Ahead to 18-inch tires


The tyre manufacturers that will be selected for the supply of tyres 2020-2023 will have to produce tyres for rims of greater diameter and able to function and guarantee safety without the use of electric blankets.

Old and coming out of the scene. The 13-inch wheels in Formula 1 have a destin marked by 2021, the future is of 18 inches, visually more appealing, already adopted for some time in Endurance and Formula E. It is not exclusively a question of look, the transition to a diameter that we now find on road cars without even the need to bother high performance models: the conversion to 18 inches will bring with it enormous thermal implications.

Tires from the lower shoulder, a completely different way to make the suspension work, not should another component expected to a profound evolution: active suspensions for all. This is the indiscretion circulated in recent Months. The technical review will of course also affect the characteristics of the tyres and in particular of the 18-inch rims emerged from the announcement of supply launched by the FIA, open until August 31, aimed at the tyre specialists interested in “creating shoes” of Single-seater for the four-year period 2020-2023. The Pirelli contract will expire at the end of 2019 and particular of no small account, in 2020 you continue to compete with the tires 13 inches wide.

It could be the limiting factor to any alternative tyre, which should strive to develop in two seasons (2020 and 2021) tyres with completely different characteristics. importantly, The mono-supply regime is not in question: there will always be only one tyre in the grid. FIA calls for a decisive increase in performance, the realization of compounds of non-linear decay, that are able to return in the ideal conditions of operation after having followed closely another single-seater or have been stressed thoroughly by the Pilot. Not only that: the FIA intends to prohibit the use of electric blankets from 2021.

In the past, the road to simplification and the reduction of costs has already been attempted without success. The difference in optics 2021 is the prevision of a number of compounds not exceeding three: Hard, medium and Soft. Tyres able to ensure optimum adhesion already cold. It must be the perfect rubber: degrade the right, with a non-linear decay to a specific wear of the tread, immediately ready in Temperature. And the Gommmista that will be selected by the FIA, responsible for examining the nominations on the basis of technical issues and security, will have to ensure variable race strategies and with a total time of travel that does not make it discounted to prefer a single pit-stop.

To the skimming technical operative by the FIA will take over Liberty Media, which discuss the commercial aspects with each supplier admitted to the Negotiation. As for the specifications of the 2021 tyres, there was an increase in the diameter of the rim apart, a reduction in the tread width of the front tyres (minus 35 mm compared to current tyres) and the maintenance of the 405 mm in width of Introduced in 2017.

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