Formula 1 2021, time is ticking. Steiner: “We need clarity”


Formula 1 will meet in London to find a definitive agreement on the rules in force from 2021. The Matter of study is infinite, between technique, proceeds and governance. Steiner stresses the urgency of a regulation on which teams can plan the future.

One year from the 5 programmatic points of the Formula 1 of the future ( practically around the corner) given the horizon of 2021, shown by Chase Carey to the teams, in Bahrain, there is not yet a definitive agreement on details, ready to become a technical norm.

They will discuss it again next Tuesday in the course of the Strategic Group that will meet in London, followed by the F1 Commission. Jean Todt, in Australia, expressed his confidence in a package of measures ready to be announced on the weekend of the Bahrain GP.

FIA that has recently launched a call to identify a supplier of transmissions, a company that produces in the single-supply of a gear. The ban will be worth as much as indication of the costs to be incurred, compared to the development of a proper solution by each team. Here too, an exploration more than an agreement with the teams placet.

The topics on the agenda are so many that it will hardly come out of the London meeting with a series of definitive measures and able to guide the transition to the new Formula 1. For two years they have been discussing the need to standardize as many components as possible, to reduce costs and to leave technical development margins on aspects more directly “perceptible” by the general public.

The Power units, we already know they will remain with the current technical scheme, improved by the probable abolition of the flow-meter and the consequent use full of the 15,000 rpm already foreseen by the current technical norms.

The measures on the race format, from the possible variations to the qualifying session, should also be discussed, with the introduction of an additional eliminatory, as well as an agreement on the distribution of proceeds and the re-balancing of disparity between large teams and second-band squads. 

Technique, sporting rules, Pact of Concord. The times are narrow, in spite of the horizon of the 2021 that may seem still distant and Steiner gives his opinion:

We need clarity, because there are so many debates going on. I Know Chase is ready to introduce us to something, we will see what we are going to do.

We Have to get to the point where we know what will happen in the future, we cannot manage our business. You ca not start development if you do not have technical standards.

We all start at least a year or 18 months before. Today, there are 21 months at the beginning of that season, you don’t have much time…

Guenther Steiner

The more you reduce the time needed to program the 2021,the larger the investments are necessary to be ready, with an advantage that will be all for the teams from the highest availability:

There are many things to discuss: Governance, CAP budget,technical regulations.

Good for us, if we manage to decide everything in a meeting.

Yes, Good luck !

Guenther Steiner

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