Fake Formula 1 show off

Presentation of the new cars start to be quite boring.

Since the last Abu Dhabi GP, the 26th of November 2017, almost four months have passed and in the world of Formula 1 happened just one thing: nothing special!

Great… But it is not enough, teams (more and more closed in their parallel world) published only few tweets or some pictures on Instagram. The remaining communications outside this area, they are extremely rare because when teams are in holiday, it looks like they do not want any trouble. While enjoying the world’s longest vacation of the sport world, as well as the highest salaries, that is not enough to motivate them to work enough. The fact is that now the information embargo should be ended soon…

But nooooo… It is even worse… The bleak panorama consists of formal show off sometimes even without the car. It is not rare to see situations where they displayed at first only a rendering, blurred or a camouflage livery to not show too much… That kind of situations called: I see you and I can not see you, like a lingerie that willing girls wear in the nice evenings.

Anyway, when you want to see something, even those who show their beauty, in reality they do not show anything because the aerodynamic configuration of F1 cars are more false than Donald Trump’s fringe.

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Hence, there is a simple idea… Hey boys! Why do not we abolish those show off ?

In the end, the majority are now real farces for their supporters who are just becoming some kind of cows to feed off. Without those show offs, we can live anyway…

From here, until the first Grand Prix of the season at Melbourne, we can find of course other interesting things to do.

If you really do not want to show off anything, but just leave the few useful informations when the car is on the pit-lane of th first Grand Prix, it is better to cancel those show offs.The supporters pay more and more money to follow you and they get less and less. This kind of motorsport, when they believe in this way, they reach a point where they begin gradually to die. The direction taken is starting to be quite dangerous.

Anyway, a little hope remains otherwise the risk is that one day, in one of those races many of those supporters will not care about carbon parts instead they will just chat with the newly unemployed grid girls. Another scenario is that they will watch those sports where the human factor continues to be fundamental…

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