Ecclestone: this is the worst F1 ever !

Last 10th December of 2015, Bernie Ecclestone stated: we are destroying the Formula 1. After this incredible opinion, a couple of weeks later he attacked the power-units telling everybody those systems are too complicate and expensive. Now, F1 boss is telling anybody what is going on inside “circus” and F1 teams involved in Barcelona winter test:

This is the worst F1 I have ever seen in my entire life                                                                 

Ecclestone is mad and very upset. He is attacking even Jean Todt actual FIA President:

He is an incompetent and he should delegate his powers to someone capable to get results. I think, I am an exception since I do not need money and I do not need to work. Most of people involved in F1, they are worried just about the short period of time. They do not think about the future and in long term, these people think about next two or three years. Final result is our Formula 1 is in the worst shape we have ever been. I would never use my money to buy a ticket and go with my family to watch a F1 race, right now

Wow, if you think Bernie had enough with this few words, you are wrong. He attacked Mercedes and Ferrari too! He is unhappy about the fact they can block any change and rule by simply pulling-out a veto to shut-down any change:

Those kind of behaviours are called cartel not a veto. Any cartel is something illegal. This is not only unfair but it is quite unacceptable

This cruzade begun by Ecclestone, it looks to be violent and very aggressive. He thinks power-units are not useful for the competition but used only by car manufacturers to test new technologies while boosting their sales in the market: 

We are actually helping one main car manufacturer, because Ferrari does not notice any difference at all in their car sales result. Taking into account what kind of engines we are creating, it is not necessary to be a genius to understand we are only helping Mercedes. As said before, we are destroying F1 due to one car manufacturer, which will leave whenever they want like BMW, Toyota did. When they did not like to compete, they simply quit

Ecclestone is not saying all the story, it is pretty clear the environmentalism is a political and economical weapon used to brainwash the mass and sport (any sport actually) is used to achieve this. F1 could not be left alone while any other sport was actually politicized. Power-unit engines were the first step, which helped Mercedes to finally win another F1 championship after many years. It is not over yet. Next step, it is already set-up and when electric engines will be much more reliable and competitive, Formula E will become the real Formula 1. In about 10 to 15 years, Bernie can say bye-bye to thermal engines and a noisy Formula 1. A new boss will be in power while he will pushed away,environmental messages will be spread anywhere before and after a race like they are already doing during a Formula E competition.

It would be pretty nice to understand if there is a real issue about this F1 or in reality it is a classical Haegelian dialectic, where a problem is created(introduction of power-units), wait for a reaction (a single team dominating, collapse of public number watching a Grand Prix) and finally offer your long-time planned solutions (Electric engines, brain washing messages about environmentalism and sustainable world while giving back a real competition among F1 teams). 

Are we sure there is a real problem in F1 or it is simply fabricated ?

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