Briatore turns down Raikkonen

Former Benetton team principal, Flavio Briatore, talks about Formula 1 and this season.

Flavio Briatore comes back to talk about Formula 1 and the Italian business man gave a comment about the actual pilots line-up. His first thought is about the couple Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen:

“If I was in charge, I was not going to extend their period in Ferrari. It is very difficult to win a championship with Raikkonen. To win something, you need to have two competitive pilots and to decide which one is going to fight for the driver championship.

Vettel is not too bad, but there is something better out there.

You can win or loose a race but a championship is something different. You must be really constant. This year, the strongest ones were Hamilton and Mercedes, even if Ferrari did a good start. I think Mercedes did a nice job upgrading their car at the right moment”

Briatore is sure, the most important moment was the crash at Singapore. A difficult situation where both pilots were involved in the collision with Max Verstappen, forcing the three cars to end their race:

“It was awful…

During a race you can have a technological problem, you can have an engine failure but an incident like that one among Vettel, Verstappen and Raikkonen, it was stupid. When you are fighting to win a championship, you should not take such a risk. It is a bad psicological moment to get zero point, it can influence even the engineers and their mood”

Another one without too much mercy is Helmut Marko. He decided to change Daniil Kvyat forever with Gasly. The Austrian has declared Kvyat is not inside the Red Bull Racing orbit anymore:

“He will not be back us. We think he can not change his performance. Gasly and Hartley will finish this season, then we will see what is better to do”

It is a sad decision because at Austin, Daniil did his best race of this 2017. Helmut thinks, it is too late to wake-up and he did not give any good result from too many races. A comparison with Carlos Sainz is alarming, on the STR 12 the Spanish got 48 points while the Russian 4. A lack of performance together with a long series of mistakes which were an indication of a pilot under severe pressure.

Two podiums in his careeer, those are the best results of Daniil. A second place in Hungary during 2015, at his first year in Red Bull Racing team and a third place next year in China. It sounds funny but his push-back in Toro Rosso did not help him to recover his skills like Marko was thinking. In 2016, he was tenth at Barcelona and Silverstone, ninth at Singapore while in 2017 he did a good race in Australia and Spain.

What might be the future of Kvyat ? Right now, there is only an option to stay in Formula 1: it is to get into Williams Racing Team. There is one problem an excess of candidates!

In fact, Williams got too many options and it is possible Daniil will be forced to get a seat into another m

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