Austria: Bottas is relaunching

Second success of the Finnish but with some allegation about a jump-start.

He does not miss a second chance to win, Valtteri Bottas come-back to success after a better job than his team-mate. This is his second victory of this 2017 and his career too. It is another way to recover 13 points from Hamilton with a delay now at 15 points from the leader. He was very good to manage any phase of this race, from start until the recovery of Vettel. In between a perfect management of his tyres and a control of his brakes that they were close to overheat. At the end, Bottas is becoming a top driver and it is possible at the end of this season, he will give himself the satisfaction of doing something.

Vice versa, Sebastian Vettel did not start too well, he could not defend his second position but he managed his race being capable to fight for victory until the end. Now his advantage is about 20 points from Hamilton. It is possible with one lap more, he could become first but what matter, it is crossing the finish line before anybody else. His second place at 0.65 seconds, it is a good result. There is a clear indication this Ferrari is capable to manage his tyres in a better way than Mercedes and in such way they can make a difference in a situation like in Austria.

Another podium for our Daniel Ricciardo, he did a great race collecting any opportunity he got along the race. Model behaviour when he managed without any panic our subjection an attack from Hamilton. A surprising shout, released the pressure when he commented by radio his race with his team. Staying in Red Bull racing team, another drop-out for Max Verstappen (five over nine races, over 50% of the total).

Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen did a similar race, in fact it looks like the Finnish lost in the task of defending against the British. Kimi resisted against Lewis before to change his tyres, he forced Mercedes to advance the pit-stop loosing any advantage they could get with a super-soft tyre. When Hamilton decided to do not be careful anymore, he realized this time the track was more kind with the tyres than last years. He collected a long series of fast laps one after another but it was too late to give him a third place. Kimmi could overtake Lewis but a mistake during lapping of Palmer forced him to give-up. A fight in the zone behind the front, watched a Romain Grosjean to be in great shape. He was capable to take advantage of a fight between Raikkonen and Ricciardo becoming 4th after start, while remaining fast enough to obtain a final 6th place. It is a pity Haas could not count on Kevin Magnussen having a problem with his power steering during race.

Sergio Perez expressed properly at the end of GP, the reasons he could not get closer to Grosjean but in any case he achieved a 7th place. Together with a nice 8th of Esteban Ocon, they confirm another time, Force india is a fourth power in this F1 championship. Toro Rosso was instead a bit unlucky, a drop-out for Carlos Sainz and a drive-through for Daniil Kvyat after an incident during start.

This season is becoming more and more interesting and it looks our Daniel is becoming a fundamental asset not only for Red Bull but the Formula 1 show too.

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