Alonso reply: “I struggled with Ferrari”

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Fernando answers to a tweet of the official F1 account on the words of Montezemolo: “The president did not say those things, I got 80% of the points for Ferrari” 

We will No longer have his team radio in the race but, Fernando Alonso, continues to offer material for discussion, in the area of Formula 1.

While he prepares at the 500 Miles of Indianapolis and the first glimpse of the world of rally raids, given the test scheduled with Toyota. We could find it again on a F1 car in the next week’s Tests in Bahrain, the first opportunity to achieve what was proposed by Zak Brown last February in Barcelona.

Sports Themes that leave room for the dots on “I” that Fernando puts with a post on Twitter, in reply to the official account of Formula 1 profile. A passage of the interview with Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is enough to call the replica of Alonso.  

When he wins, he is happy. When he does not win, it is the problem of the team…

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo | Former Ferrari President

The synthesis of 280 characters summarizes a thought in reality broader and, Fernando, in response, tweet: 

It had to be a reason not to follow this account until now. Today you remind me again!! President never said that. Specially after scoring 80% of the points for our team. We race hard, together, with all our heart and we fought until last race for championships

Fernando Alonso | Test pilot McLaren F1 Team
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The truth, between the extreme synthesis of the tweet of Formula 1 and the words of the interview with the former President Montezemolo, is in the middle. Because Alonso did not win the world Championship with Ferrari, it is a list of three reasons:

The first, to be honest, was unfortunate to be in Ferrari when Red Bull was very close to being the Ferrari of the early years 2000, certainly the strongest car.

Second, I do not like it but I have to say: it was unlucky. He lost a championship in Brazil in 2012 when Sebastian on the first lap had the accident with Senna and the car did nothing. Then, the team made a big mistake in 2010, when it was enough to get quarters.

Third, his character. The biggest difference compared to Michael and also to Niki. It was Alonso, not Alonso-Ferrari. When he win, he is happy, when he does not win is the problem of the team, he is not happy. It was less close to the team than Michael and Niki were, in other words. Especially in difficult times, being in good times is easy

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo | Former Ferrari President

Nothing that was not widely supported by the facts, in Ferrari as later in McLaren. It Is the package Alonso, to be taken or left: a champion who has not missed public exits and unhappy comments, which have dashed a figure distant from the ideal team-mate.

For me Alonso is, with Hamilton and Vettel, the best driver and, in the race, is very close to Michael. I Think Alonso in the race has been and is still a fantastic driver.

He lost the championship not for his mistakes, was also unlucky, I think in normal conditions, without the errors of the team in 2010 and without Vettel, today we would talk about something different if he had won those F1 World Championships. Alonso is very very strong…

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo |Former Ferrari President

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