Alonso: my value never so high

Fernando compares himself to a stock option and he is sure there is a great interest from many teams to select him along 2018.

Last race finished with another drop-out but Hasegawa denies any strange data on the power-unit. Alonso thinks if he was a stock any analist would give the buy call. Even so, it looks any door of a top team shall not open hence it will not be very easy to find an alternative better than McLaren-Honda. During last week-end at Spa-Francorchamps, a rumor said there is an option with Williams. In this way, it would be possible to avoid a Honda engine while driving a car capable to fight for a podium. Right now, nobody confirmed this news inside Williams team. Meanwhile, Alonso raced in Belgium like a tiger obtaining a seventh place before to remain without transport. So far, it is impossible to get something more because other cars on straight lines are too fast and they easily push him back. The episode experienced at Pouhon, during qualifying, it is an indication of the amount of work necessary to do on the power-unit Honda: a software problem, confused the electrical system reducing the electrical power in the power-unit.

Would be acceptable another season like that for Fernando?

No indeed! Next season must come, yet. It is possible he will renew his contract only when McLaren will get another engine otherwise he will carry-on searching a different cockpit. The real problem is about the fact there are not too many options available out there. At Spa, Fernando declared he will not accept this more than other seven or eight races before to give-up:

“I will take into account any possibility, but today we did a good qualifying. Our start was fine and we won many races in our carriers. I think my stocks are pretty valuable and if I look at the proposal I got it is fine.

My team is working pretty hard, I know my guys did not sleep too much last week-end: I want to thank them. I am very happy with my team, we will see what is going to happen next week-end. We got three difficult seasons but McLaren Formula 1 team is one of the best team in the world and I would be happy to carry-on with them but we have to see what is going to happen in the future.

There is only one change to do. Out there, we know there are many options and we must find one. A solution is not coming watching the sky.

We must sit-down and work, I hope we will find a solution for next year”

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It looks no top-team will ever call the Spanish driver. In fact, Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing team will keep their line-up while waiting Valtteri Bottas to become the official driver for next season too. The real question mark is what is going to happen with Fernando when his contract will expire. It is pretty difficult to see him driving a car with a Honda powering the engine. Only, if a technical improvement will come-out there is a chance to see him staying but today is really difficult to see such a result. Paddy Lowe, team manager leading Williams team has given some opinions about him:

“We did not say who is going to drive our cars next year. We are still working on it. I do not say Fernando is not an option: we did not take a decision. There are great pilots available and we will always try to select the best pilots.

To win a championship, you need the best pilot and the best car. It is necessary to design a car capable to attract a competitive pilot. If your car is competitive, you will be able to select the best pilot. I have seen how important is a pilot inside a team.

When there is an important pilot inside a team, everybody is focus to win. There is an improvement in the performance because they know any opportunity will be taken to get the best possible result. If you have pilots not capable to achieve nothing, anything can be reverse”

Another interesting situation is the Force India where Perez and Ocon do not like each other, at all. Their potential looks to be pretty good but someone must cool them down because it is not helping the team. This is an opportunity for Fernando Alonso.

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Renault closed the door to Alonso, because their car can not be competitive in a short period of time. There are some improvements inside this RS17 but to win a race, it will be necessary to wait much longer. Even more, there is an option with Robert Kubica who is looking for an opportunity to come-back in Formula 1. His tests are pretty competitive, while someone thinks he can be selected to race in the GP of Malesya. Cyril Abiteboul said this:

“My answer about Fernando Alonso will always be the same. I think, he is the pilot of an important team, involved in a strange strategical game. I think he is forced to valuate his interest and not focus to the best interest of a team.

There must be a compatibility otherwise it is difficult to win. I think he is in a hurry to get a car capable to fight for the championship. We know, it will be pretty long before we will get a car capable to do something like that. It is clear I do not want a frustrated Fernando on a Renault Formula 1 car”

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