A simple aerodynamic ? No way


Judging from the first tests in Barcelona the situation is much more complicated

A 2019 in the name of simplification and streamlined aerodynamic. When you watch the first tests of Montmelò and you realize that, beyond the intentions of the new regulations, it is all a flowering of wings, fins, foils and appendices, a kind of immense carbon wood imagined by a mad wizard.

It is the classic example of the sterile creativity of this Formula 1, which invest huge amount of money for things that are not needed, uses so much imagination for nothing, as well as those who evolve wheels to spin to hamsters and they do not understand what they are doing.

Coming back to the F 1, the more and more verified opinion is that it is no longer the paradise of extreme technology, but of the wrestling of useless pseudo-evolution, of micro-applications of intelligence as a minimum worthy and worthy of best cause.

All this to extract a short but simple morality on the Formula 1 of this 2019: We are in a bad situation. Maybe more than in 2018.

A short time ago I spoke with the engineer Dallara, who explained to me that in his mono-brand stores to contain costs and give life to sustainable categories by default, it starts with inevitable long and precise technical cycles. The planned obsolescence has therefore been passed, in the name of sustainability, to the imposed durability.

In a nutshell, once in Formula 3 you had to churn out a new model every year, especially to discourage competition, while now-under the Monotype, not anymore. In Formula 3 and GP2 a technical cycle can now have an average five-year breath, while in the IndyCar this period of time is even doubled. The update, just to not give the sense of the total immobility, is given by the so-called aerodynamic update kits, to do so refreshment.

Now I wonder: And if in Formula 1 They were going to exactly the same thing, just do not tell us ? To be clear, the 2019 single-seater, beyond the wing changes, altogether are more or less the same as last year.

Then, of course, every year there are new aerodynamic, regular little changes, very slight shuffling of cards by skilled croupiers, but in fact they do not move anything in the game and, I fear, in the scale of the overall values. So much so that all the now five-year cycle of the Turbohybrid power units annually is not that a proposition, even in the results only softly retouched, of the scale of values emerged from the first moment..

Do I say it? No, actually, I am giving it back again. This Formula 1 looks more and more like a masked mono-brand, a DTM without four-engined mudguards that churns out the units, whose scale of yields remains heavily conditioned by the fact that Mercedes had the merit of leaving everybody behind because they have a power unit that had technologically two years of advantage over all the others.

Mercedes is the master and the others, Ferrari and Red Bull on all, to chase. And if Renault and Alfa Romeo are going up, besides the merit and the skill of those who work there, to explain so much if not all contribute also the investments made with increasing intensity it is becoming very hard.

In a nutshell, if I have to say the whole, in its entire the Formula 1 of this 2019 comes out badly and it is not funny at all.

Real news not at all, a machine-gun of smiles and fake enthusiasm, permanent creativity close to zero and an obsessive cult, peal and a bit outrageous for everything that happens at the level of excess.

It is not by chance that there is also much talk of the fact that now stickers and decal no longer exist because now the brands are stamped on the chassis with sublimation printer techniques, always to save something on total weight. Gene stuff, look. Things that Colin Chapman and Jim Hall would laugh about.

This Formula 1 likes less and less to young people and actually exploits only the usual hard core, romanticism and persistent regrets of the old super-fans to stay in the saddle… But some of them, they are starting to give-up too. Meanwhile, it is known that the Renault between Enstone and Viry Chatillon is expanding and will be close to having 1200-1250 total workers. The rule of the thousand working units for top team created before the global economic crisis of 2008, it is now a sad and forgettable memory.

None of that. Armies of people at work incessantly to make cars always the same among them and that in practice get after five years the same results, losing more and more media appeal and technological consistency.

Last century a well-known writer of the literary, Swiss poet and philosopher, Henri-Frederic Amiel dated 1871 said:

Beware, because the adoration of appearances sooner or later you pay.

Henri-Frederic Amiel 1871

We will see if he was right…

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